VIP Utility Billing

Your utility collection office requires a solution that is flexible and easy to use in order to provide outstanding service to your customers. VIP Utility Billing is designed to handle everything from simple to extremely complex utility billing and collection methods with an intuitive interface and elegant design.


VIP Web Portal

This no-cost module allows your clients to make their utility payments via mobile devices, telephone, text, or automated bank drafts. It provides a user friendly experience for your customers while saving you money. The Portal also serves as a bill presentment application including email notifications and reminders. The VIP Web Portal is PCI Level 1 compliant.

Account Inquiry

The VIP searchable grids help you get to account information quickly and efficiently. Inquire by any field or combination of fields found in the Utility Billing database, then navigate to any related record in the system.

Customer Tracking

See all accounts and bills associated with a single customer. Includes full drill-down capabilities.

Deposit Tracking

Track multiple deposits per account. VIP has the ability to calculate interest and refund individual deposits based on good-payer rules or applied to the final bill.

Bill for Unlimited Services

Whether it’s a flat-rate service or a calculated service, we’ve got you covered. VIP can be configured to handle your specialized rate structures. Drill down to the actual bill calculation from almost anywhere.

Meter Inventory

Know how many meters you have available.

Payment Plans and Budget Billing

Create your own rules-based payment plan and budget billing schedule based on usage history.

GIS Integration

See all accounts and bills associated with a single customer. Includes full drill-down capabilities.

Comments and Alerts

Create unlimited comments on either a property or an account. Flag comments to appear as an alert on the screen or on the actual bill.

Landlord Tracking

Ability to see all properties associated with a single landlord. Drill into each account to see billing, payment and move-in/move-out detail.

“We have found that training new employees is easier. The system is more intuitive and has a tremendous amount of information available from one screen. The active links allow us to drill down and through to every associated record making fact finding and problem solving much faster and more accurate. The ability to go to any period and print reports means we no longer have stacks of paper to be filed at the end of every cycle.” – Finance Director, Georgetown Municipal Water & Sewer Services, KY

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Bill Forms

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