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What Makes a Good Technology Partner?

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Government agencies rely on private tech companies to achieve their goals, but not all vendors are created equal. People often ask us what makes us different from all the rest. So, we have compiled a list of important qualities that we think make a great vendor for local governments. This article goes over that list and covers some industry thoughts about technology vendors. 


The Qualities 

Finding a good ERP software technology partner for local governments requires considering several key factors. Here are some essential qualities to look for: 

Industry Expertise: 

  • Experience with local government: Choose a partner with proven experience working with local governments of similar size and needs. They should understand the unique challenges and regulations faced by your organization. 

  • Specific ERP knowledge: Ensure the partner has deep expertise in the specific ERP solution you're considering. 

 Implementation & Support: 

  • Proven implementation methodology: Ask about their established implementation process and proven track record of successful deployments within the government sector. 

  • Ongoing support: Inquire about their support options, including technical assistance, user training, and ongoing maintenance plans. Consider 24/7 availability and response times. 

  • Customization capabilities: Assess their ability to customize the ERP solution to meet your specific needs and integrate with existing systems. 

 Security & Compliance: 

  • Security certifications: Verify they hold relevant security certifications like SOC, demonstrating their commitment to data protection. 

  • Compliance expertise: Ensure they understand and can help you comply with government regulations like the GASB. 


Additional Considerations: 

  • Communication & transparency: Look for a partner who prioritizes clear communication and keeps you informed throughout the process. 

  • References & case studies: Request references from other local governments they've worked with and review case studies demonstrating their success. 

  • Pricing & flexibility: Compare pricing models and ensure they offer flexible options that align with your budget. 

Beyond these qualities, remember: 

  • Local presence: Consider partners with a team familiar with your region's specific requirements. 

  • Cultural fit: Choose a partner whose values and communication style align with your organization's culture. 

  • Ownership: Are they owned by an investment company? Who do they answer to? Consider a partner who is beholden to their customers first and foremost.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose an ERP software technology partner who will guide you through a successful implementation, ensuring your local government maximizes the benefits of its new system.

A good vendor for government projects possesses a unique blend of qualities. They are reliable, understand the government landscape, align with strategic goals, and are adaptable and transparent. By valuing these qualities, government agencies can build strong partnerships that lead to successful technology implementations. 


What the Industry Says... 

Government Technology Magazine had an article exploring the insights of 9 CIOs from across the country on this topic. This is what they had to say: 

  • Reliable partnerships are built on consistency. A trustworthy vendor delivers on promises, fostering future collaborations. Deep expertise in their specific area is vital, as spreading too thin can compromise quality. Investing in long-term relationships allows vendors to understand government needs and build trust. Recommendations from within the tight-knit community hold significant weight. 

  • The best partners don't just sell products; they align their solutions with your agency's strategic goals and desired outcomes. They understand the unique pace and priorities of government projects and prioritize clear communication throughout the process. While cost is a factor, the true value lies in the combined considerations of quality, reliability, security, and robust support. Recognizing this, some agencies are willing to pay a premium for responsiveness and trust. 

  • Adaptability is key. Vendors should be able to handle unexpected challenges and offer flexible solutions that meet your specific needs. Collaborative co-creation, where both parties work together to develop innovative solutions, fosters strong partnerships that benefit everyone involved. 


How Do We Fit In? 

Our consistency and trustworthiness dates back to 1978, when we were founded. We started out by going directly to local government officials and asking what kind of software they wanted built. Then we built it. To this day, we still rely on our customers to perfect our software so they can do their jobs easier and more effectively. Many of our employees have worked in the public sector as finance directors, auditors, clerks, and more. This brings a high level of expertise to all our departments, including development. 

And we are 100% employee-owned; not bought out by a giant investor or corporation. We have no one to answer to except our customers. Our longest-standing customer has been depending on our software for over 45 years. This is because we consistently bring value to their operations through our software, partnerships, price, and collaboration. 

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