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2021 Annual Customer Survey Results

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Our 2021 annual customer survey results are in!  We asked for your feedback about your customer experience over the past year to help us continue to improve.  We believe this experience is defined not only by the software we design, but the support and services we provide. Thank you to everyone who took a few minutes out of their day to respond.

Each year our survey focuses on measuring categories related to product knowledge, attitude, communication, resolution times, customer effort, customer satisfaction, and the willingness to recommend our products and services to others. We compare these scores on a historical basis to ensure we are improving and monitoring your customer experience.

Again, your feedback indicated approximately 9 out of 10 of you would recommend us to a friend or a colleague! 98% of you indicated we meet or exceed your expectations.

The top three areas you indicated as the most important were:

  1. Technical Knowledge
  2. Resolution Time
  3. Attitude of Support Personnel 

Technical knowledge has historically ranked as the most important attribute to you.  Software Solutions has a continuing education program amongst our customer-facing team members called Raising the Bar to ensure our teams are continuously learning from our subject matter experts! Not only are we focusing on increasing knowledge of the software, but we are continuously looking to add team members who have experience in the governmental sector! Our team members have filled roles such as Finance Clerk, Accounting Specialist, Assistant Finance Director, Finance Director, Fiscal Officer, Clerk Treasurer, Auditor, Utility Billing and Income Tax Department Manager and Assistant Auditor with the Auditor of State. 

Getting you the help, you need as quickly as possible continues to be one of our goals by initially responding within 30 minutes to most calls. Also, we are resolving 55% of calls in 2 hours or less and 75% in 4 hours or less. We continue to monitor and add resources based on these numbers to provide the assistance you need.  

Please look for our annual survey again in 2022 to tell us about your experience over the year and to indicate what is most important to you.  Your feedback is essential to help us achieve our goal of providing the best overall customer experience possible. Thank you again for choosing to partner with Software Solutions Inc., and again thank you for participating in our annual customer survey!